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 Developing an IT tool to assist European sports organisations in the decision-making process 

The project focused on evaluating the degree of maturity of the sports organizations under study in terms of eight dimensions, considering various parameters and indicators in each of them. 

Thus, the IT tool will provide the positioning of the sport organizations in relation to governance, strategy, sport and events, marketing, human resources, social responsibility, IT & procedures and finances.

Our objective is to provide this information in a very easy way to help European managers to have its own position in a visual way using bar charts, comparative tables or colors to better understand and to be ready to establish their objectives in the future. 

OD4SG IT Tool video demo

Platform access:

Open Data For Sport Governance IT TOOL

Below you will find a brief description of what each of the dimensions seeks to analyse:


The assessment of the governance concept focused on three issues: democracy and participation (committees, holding of meetings, representativeness of different groups, etc.), ethics and integrity (gender equality, mandates of chairpersons, etc.) and accountability and transparency (information for accountability to stakeholders, which in turn supports democratic, constitutional, and learning perspectives).


The strategic dimension took as a reference whether the organisations had a strategic plan, the version of the plan, the level of communication and the degree of compliance.


The sporting dimension focused mainly on assessing the sporting results of the organisations, measuring performance in international or national competitions, but also aspects such as the allocation of resources for the development of grassroots sport or the organisation of sporting events.


To assess the marketing dimension, the focus was on evaluating the level of development in four main areas: commercial policysponsorshippromotion and communication, and web and social media.

Human Resources

In the human resources dimension, aspects such as the number of total employeesgender equity in the workforce, methods used to select staff, academic profile, as well as if the organisations allocate resources for training courses.


This dimension assesses the process management orientation of sport organisations, as well as the level of implementation of IT tools that can help in the management of sport organisations.


The indicators selected for this dimension show how sports organisations develop SR on different topics such as racism, gender equality, doping, protection of minors, or solidarity, among others, collaborate with organisations with SR purposes, as well as the representativeness of athletes and employees with disabilities.


The financial dimension shows descriptive data of the sports organisations in terms of the sources of resource generation, the distribution of expenses, as well as the overall picture of the balance sheet. In addition, some financial indicators of profitability and debt of the organisations are evaluated.


This section shows the overall score obtained by your organisation in each of the dimensions under analysis and compares it with the average of the other organisations participating in the study.

Open Data For Sport Governance

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